Member Benefits
Illinois Black
Chamber of Commerce

    Your business will be featured as a new member in the quarterly
    Black Chamber of Commerce Page carried in the People’s Voice
    Newspaper and the What’s Happening Magazine.

    Your first year Introductory Membership is only $20.00. All
    renewal annual Investment fees will range from $105.00 - $500.00
    for large corporate businesses (See proposed fee schedule on

    New Members – Quarterly, all new Chamber members shall receive
    an orientation of the Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County,
    Inc. Refreshments will be served and committee members will
    inform new members of all committees and upcoming events.

    Referrals – When special needs arrive, the community will be
    encouraged to call The Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake
    County, Inc office and we will refer Chamber members to fulfill
    those services.

    Newsletter - All Chamber members will receive the quarterly
    Chamber newsletter and have the opportunity to advertise in it.
    The Newsletter will also include a calendar of events for the month
    to keep you informed on breakfast meetings, special events, etc.

    Lists, Labels - The Chamber will have available, at a low cost
    to members, complete Discs & membership lists and labels. These
    are handy to broadcast if you wish to expand your mailing list or
    database. Broadcast Fax/Email will also be available.

    Lobby Display - Chamber of Commerce members may display their
    business cards, fliers, brochures or any other information about
    their business in our front office.

    Web Presence - We will develop a Web Site and the Chamber
    membership roster may be accessed through our website clicking
    on "Membership Directory". The membership page will have the
    search capabilities by business category, business name, telephone
    & city.

    The membership roster gives your business added exposure to
    potential out-of-town customers and local customers alike. It
    contains a virtual tour to promote tourism.

    All businesses, industrial, professional firms and interested individuals as
    they become members will categorize their business, as it will appear in the
    Black Chamber of Commerce Business Directory.
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